LATE SUMMER – (Updated 9/7/14) 
“Smallies” and water are heating up :

Helpful Hints:
* Its TOPWATER SEASON!! Use poppers and hoppers, early morning and towards dusk!  Work the shady spots during the afternoons, using #10 to #4 hook sized streamer patterns, make sure to blast those banks!!
• Smallmouth bass (Smallies) thrive in streams with gravel or rock bottoms with a visible current.
• Best fishing, water temps just above 50 degrees
• As the spawn continues you will find males sitting guard on beds.
• Change your retrieval cadence, before your change your fly!

 Those Mad River Trout!
Let’s try some dry in the mornings and evenings. Tricos and midges are bringing fish up in the early mornings; Trico Spinners and Griffith's Gnats.  Towards afternoon and evening, toss some small ants, and Miller Caddis .  My fishing and others report, that best dry fly activity is Urbana area (St. ST. 29) and North. Nymph fishing has been good as well, hook-ups have been on : swimming nymphs, San Jauns (
red, after rain fall), Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails and big buggy midges.  Fish the faster cuts as well as deep pools, keep moving! Work both sides of the river – mind your mend!

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#10 Olive Woolly Bugger

#8 San Juan WORM

#18 BH Tan Caddis

#14 Prince Nymph

#16 Blue Wing Olive

#8 BH Crane Fly Larva

#18 BH Green Caddis

#16 BH Pheasant Tail

Best Flies to use on Miami Valley area rivers – this summer!


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